Jisp Launches Digital Platform to Instantly Connect Shoppers With Brands In Duty Free Stores Worldwide

UK/INTERNATIONAL – Retail technology company Jisp has unveiled a digital customer communication platform enabling brands to engage with shoppers globally through duty free stores.

The platform allows brands to create instantly deployable digital extensions to their existing marketing campaigns using a product’s barcode. It is delivered through a rewards-based mechanic, which encourages real-time engagement and acquisition of a shopper.

“We are providing an answer to the long-standing challenge of how to activate a shopper in a very transient location, such as a duty free shop,” said Jisp Managing Director Ilann Hepworth

Jisp said it is currently in talks with numerous premium brands interested in taking advantage of the shopper activation platform, which would see centralised global distribution of digital promotions and competitions through social media channels. It will also be supported by the brand’s traditional marketing assets for duty free environments.  ‍

The company noted that the development will allow brands to connect with and activate shoppers in any airport, with any product, anywhere in the world instantly. This would be achieved while building a database of shopper data, allowing for future remarketing to a clearly defined and engaged audience. ‍

The UK-based firm is currently engaging with organisations across the US, Europe, Australia and Japan to explore opportunities for deploying its technology internationally.

Jisp Managing Director Ilann Hepworth said: “We wanted to provide an answer to the long-standing challenge of how to activate a shopper in a very transient location, such as a duty-free shop.”

“Through the duty-free shopper journey, you have lots of touch points to drive sales through traditional brand marketing collateral, but there is nothing in place to truly engage and capture the intelligence of when, where, who and how that person is shopping.

“Our technology takes the brand marketing campaigns to the next level and provides those insights, while creating future opportunities.”