Jisp Embarks on Scan & Win Reveal

Jisp has launched a campaign to teasingly unveil its latest innovation.

HAMPSHIRE, UK – With inflation having hit a 41-year-high at the end of 2022 and the UK firmly in the grip of a tough cost of living crisis, Jisp has tempted audiences across social media platforms of the forthcoming launch of Scan & Win.

At a time when people’s pockets are pinched, the company that brought Scan & Save to the market is bucking the trend of profit over heart, and instead looking to put money back in shoppers’ purses.

Scan & Win is as honest and straightforward as the name suggests. There are no strings, there are no hidden charges in the form of special phone and text message rates.

Through Scan & Win, Jisp is presenting an opportunity for the public to win a cash prize for nothing more than scanning the barcode of a product. And it doesn’t require a special purchase to take part. People can scan a product from their own kitchen cupboard or fridge and be entered into the prize draw.

“With the cost of living crisis ongoing, giving something back to the nation is more important than ever,” said Jisp’s Managing Director, Ilann Hepworth.

“There’s no catch with Scan & Win, no app downloads, no visiting stores. People can take part in it from the comfort of their own home or any location. It’s the chance of winning free money to help with the household bills or to treat themselves at the end of a long day. And all for scanning a barcode.”

Jisp’s Scan & Win is set to launch soon with social media audiences having been primed to stay tuned to learn more about how they can win some free cash at a time it’s needed most of all.