Infinicept Launches Infiniport, Enabling “Bring Your Own Processor” for Embedded Payments

DENVER, CO – Infinicept, a leading provider of embedded payments software, today announced the launch of  Infiniport, a single, open payment operations capability enabling clients to interface with any processor or alternative payment rail they choose. With Infiniport, payment facilitators, payments companies, and software platforms with embedded payments can now “bring their own processor” (BYOP) to their payments and business initiatives.

“Infiniport is one of the most strategic go-to-market initiatives we have launched,” said Michael Bradley, Senior Vice President of Growth, Infinicept. “With this capability, we are taking a massive step towards enabling our vision of empowering organizations to take control of their future through embedded payments.”

Key features of Infiniport include:

  • Compatibility with any gateway, terminal, orchestration solution, across any processor
  • Standardized fee management and settlement operations across multiple processor relationships
  • One-to-many capability to operate and manage payments with any processor, anywhere
  • Mix and match payment types, processors, and payout vendors
  • Options to develop custom integrations or use Infinicept
  • Comprehensive, modern developer center

Enabling orchestration between processing platforms is critical for organizations that require multiple payment processing relationships. Until now, companies that wanted a modern embedded payments experience had an all-or-nothing choice. Using one provider meant higher fees and being locked into that technology. Alternatively, companies could build embedded payments themselves. Now with Infinicept’s universal platform, customers can achieve the modern experience and work with their choice of payment processors, gateways, terminal providers, token solutions, and other industry participants.

“Infiniport is part of our vision to help the payment ecosystem avoid lock in and choose the right combination of solutions which best support their business needs,” said Deana Rich, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Infinicept. “Most off-the-shelf payments solutions come with trade-offs, but Infinicept is focused on allowing customers to keep their payments revenue, ownership of their data, and control over their payments product and ultimately the customer experience.”

Infinicept’s PayOps capabilities including risk monitoring, compliance, fee management and settlement functions are available through Infiniport. Infinicept’s pre-built integrations with FISERV, Adyen, FIS, and TSYS, represent the large majority of the North American embedded payments processing market. Additional major processors are currently integrating with Infiniport.

“Infiniport’s universal capabilities are a catapult into a vast new growth opportunity,” said Todd Ablowitz, Infinicept’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “Our customers work with the processing partners which suit their needs; the processors are happy because we enable more revenue and overall opportunities in the embedded payments space. It’s a win-win-win situation.”

Since 2020, Infinicept has experienced rapid growth with more than a 1,400% increase in payments volume. Infinicept serves over 300 software companies either directly or through its banking and payments customers and plays a crucial role in the embedded finance market, which is projected to reach $585 billion by 2030.

About Infinicept
Infinicept is a provider of embedded payment solutions. Its payment operations platform (PayOps) helps software companies gain the advantages of embedded payments, including increased revenue and more control of the merchant experience. By embedding payments into software companies’ products, Infinicept is enabling customers to exponentially amplify growth by tapping into the $585 billion embedded finance marketplace. More than 300 leading software companies, payment processors, sponsor banks and others rely on Infinicept, the winner of the Electronic Transaction Association Fintech Innovation in Payments Award, to help them transform to the new era of software-led payments.