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iMin, a Singapore company founded in 2018, holds the esteemed title of being the No.1 Trusted Android POS Hardware Brand in Southeast Asia. We develop and provide a wide range of intelligent commercial hardware solutions [ECR/Mobile POS/Kiosk] which can help companies run more efficiently and seamlessly. Our global footprint now extends to over 50+ countries, solidifying valuable partnerships with international collaborators. With a remarkable 400% increase in sales revenue last year and promising forecasts for the current year, our commitment to continuous product upgrades ensures superior performance and efficiency for various commercial applications.

We have two manufacturers which locate in Malaysia and China. We are an intelligent software and hardware system integrator with a full spectrum of capabilities with include but are not limited to R&D, production, quality control, technical support, and sales. We provide ODM/OEM overall solutions on a global scale, and work with renowned brands.

At iMin, our vision goes beyond business success; we are driven by a strong desire to create a positive social impact. By empowering SMEs, revolutionizing retail and F&B services, and expanding coverage, we are dedicated to shaping a better future for all.

iMin Swan 1 Pro

Swan 1 pro developed with MediaTek's high-performance chips, providing superior performance and efficiency for commercial applications. The minimalistic and elegant piece of hardware is designed to blend into any display space.

Other Products/Services

iMin Swift 1

iMin Falcon 1


Contact Info + Social

Matthew Kautz

Sr Sales Manager

(630) 863-9011

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