Heartland Collaborates with PAX to Offer Secure EMV Terminals for Merchants

PAX S300 Signature Capture PIN Pad is Heartland Secure➢ Certified

Princeton, NJ â€Ã‚ Heartland Payment Systems (NYSE: HPY), one of the nation’s largest payment processors, announced today it has teamed with PAX Technology, Inc., one of the fastest-growing terminal providers in the world, to provide Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV)-compliant payment terminals through its Heartland Secure➢ card data security solution and comprehensive breach warranty.

EMV chip-based “smart cards” and terminals are considered to be safer than credit or debit cards featuring a magnetic stripe because they contain computer chips that are used to authenticate each transaction. On Oct.1, 2015, the financial liability shifts to merchants who are not EMV-compliant in cases where a smart card is used for a fraudulent transaction at a standard terminal that only accepts a magnetic stripe. Fuel merchants have until October 2017 before the financial liability shifts to their industry because of the complexity of the point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

With Heartland Secure, a card data security solution that combines EMV, Heartland E3➢ end-to-end encryption and tokenization, PAX can now provide merchants with the highest level of security available to protect against card-present data fraud. By removing card data from the transaction, Heartland Secure provides businesses with protection against POS intrusions, insider misuse and other common sources of data fraud by eliminating the opportunity for criminals to monetize card data.

PAX POSLink is part of the Heartland Secure suite of products for businesses, independent software vendors (ISVs) and value-added resellers (VARs) that wish to eliminate card industry data standards and implement EMV without the expense and effort to develop or certify. The PAX EMV-ready terminals are semi-integrated with the host POS system so card data does not enter the POS. Rather, transactions are securely routed through the Heartland Secure-certified PAX terminal to Heartland for authorization. This solution allows merchants to seamlessly meet EMV recommendations.

Key Highlights/Facts

  • Heartland recently certified the PAX POSLink out-of-scope solution with the S300 signature capture PIN pad on the Exchange front-end authorization system.
  • Certified configuration will provide both contact and contactless EMV, as well as support near field communication (NFC) for mobile payments, such as Apple Pay.
  • Heartland Secure combines:
    • EMV electronic chip card technology to authenticate that a consumer’s card is genuine;
    • The Heartland E3 end-to-end encryption technology, which immediately encrypts card data as it is entered so that no one else can read it; and
    • Tokenization technology, which replaces card data with “tokens” that can be used for returns and repeat purchases, but are unusable by outsiders and have no value.

Supporting Quotes

  • Michael English, vice president of product development, Heartland
    “Heartland and PAX have a successful history of working together. The Heartland Secure PAX terminals are the latest development in our partnership of making security and technology available to merchants. The PAX POSLink semi-integrated configuration and the PAX S300 provide an exceptional solution to ISVs and VARs that are looking to reduce the complexity of payments support as well as PCI exposure. PAX’s experience in payments and EMV were instrumental in bringing this solution to market.”
  • Andy Chau, president and CEO, PAX Technology
    “With all the uneasiness in the U.S. about payment security and migration to EMV, PAX is excited to be working with Heartland to provide a secure EMV solution for their customers. Heartland is showing their customers the way of the future to protect payments. PAX’s secure semi-integration and Heartland’s focus on security through Heartland Secure allow ISVs, VARs, and merchants to enjoy all the benefits of EMV and NFC transactions.”

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About Heartland
Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. (NYSE: HPY), one of the largest payment processors in the United States, delivers credit/debit/prepaid card processing and security technology through Heartland Secure➢ and its comprehensive Heartland breach warranty. Heartland also offers point of sale, mobile commerce, e-Commerce, marketing solutions, payroll solutions, and related business solutions and services to more than 300,000 business and educational locations nationwide.

A FORTUNE 1000 company, Heartland is the founding supporter of the Merchant Bill of Rights, a public advocacy initiative that educates merchants about fair credit and debit card processing practices. Heartland also established the Sales Professional Bill of Rights to advocate for the rights of sales professionals everywhere.

About PAX Technology, Inc.
PAX is one of the fastest growing POS terminal manufacturers in the world. PAX has been serving the global retail marketplace for over ten years and has distribution in over eighty countries shipping over 6 million terminals worldwide in recent years. PAX offers a complete line of products and services supported by extensive R&D capabilities. In addition to a most competitive pricing model, quality assurance is the company’s top priority which enables PAX to have a strong advantage in the marketplace.