Hayman Consulting Group Builds Team To Expand Branded E-Newsletter Solution

Washington, DC “ Hayman Consulting Group, a leading provider of consulting services and marketing solutions to the channel, has grown its team with the addition of Jay Usyk as VP of Digital Solutions.  Jay is a POS and Retail Technology industry veteran with experience in the corporate  and reseller channel as well as the former Director of Education for the RSPA. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients.

The team also includes Nicole Taylor who is the Editor at Large for the Z Report and Xpress Lines, branded e-newsletter marketing platforms, used by leading members of the RSPA.  Nicole was the Director Marketing for the RSPA for many years and is an extremely accomplished editor, photographer, and videographer. She has a unique understanding of marketing in our industry and has worked directly with many RSPA members over the years.

The company is now poised to grow this important segment and will initially focus on the RSPA community which Hayman Consulting Group has a long history of supporting as a member and provider of consulting services.   Over 500,000 newsletters have been published on behalf of our clients and emailed to their end users.  The results far exceed industry averages for open rates and other key metrics used to measure results. By leveraging our e-newsletter platform and services, our clients can be guaranteed that they will remain “top of mind with their customers.  Hayman Consulting Group takes care of all the heavy lifting for our clients and delivers a professional and consistent e-newsletter publication on periodic basis.  The company offers a wide variety of options which can be co-branded, unique offerings, customized, or leveraging our low-cost standard offerings.   The service is already being used by leading members of the RSPA.

RSPA Members can learn more about our e-newsletter solution by contacting Hayman Consulting Group directly:

About Hayman Consulting Group LLC

Hayman Consulting Group (www.hayman.com) was founded in 2006 by Alan Hayman.  The company provides a wide range of consulting services primarily to technology companies based in the US and around the world. The company includes a small but impressive group of industry experts who have a long track record of success in the POS and related solutions. Prior to launching Hayman Consulting Group, Alan was EVP of MICROS Systems, Inc. from 1999-2006. Before being acquired by MICROS, Hayman Systems and affiliated companies including POS Depot, MICROS of South Florida, and MICOROS of Colorado had become one of largest dealers in the US. Currently, Hayman Consulting Group works with public companies, startups, privately held and family owned businesses. When “experience counts, companies leverage Hayman Consulting Group