Handpoint Adds Vantiv Certification to its Turn-Key Integrated Payments Platform for ISOs and Developers

With certification to Vantiv, Handpoint expands its processing options for merchants and extends its Platform as a Service (PaaS) to Vantiv partners.

PALO ALTO, CA – With the payments industry in a period of rapid evolution, it’s essential that ISOs and ISVs move swiftly to integrated payments to reduce merchant churn and grow their merchant partner base. By certifying with Vantiv, Handpoint gives ISOs, ISVs, and merchants a technological edge and speed to market with its robust Platform as a Service for integrated payments.

Today, many payments companies are looking for differentiation that enables them to stand out from the competition, and speed to market is critical. Yet, channel partners and merchants are left to link together a maze of hardware and software, certifications, and integrations. Handpoint has eliminated this complexity, giving ISOs a scalable turn-key platform to migrate to integrated payments, no matter their current level of sophistication. ISOs and channel partners utilize the Handpoint Platform to go to market quickly with integrated POS, and can efficiently scale with Handpoint’s cloud-based tools to board merchants in seconds, easily deploy terminals, and even remotely configure, activate, update, support, and enhance card readers.

Vantiv ISOs can leverage Handpoint to get to market with integrated solutions aligned to their strategy and unique merchant portfolios, whether they need an off-the-shelf integrated MPOS app or want to resell one of the many integrated tablet POS solutions using Handpoint. ISOs on the platform also can leverage Handpoint’s powerful and accessible SDKs to integrate end-to-end payments into their own POS software, adding Handpoint’s semi-integrated mobile EMV and NFC card readers with P2PE and specialized features such as Tip Adjustment.

Handpoint Developer Partners have integrated to Handpoint’s PaaS solution, in some cases, the very same day. Building tools that empower developers to have more options and functionality with less work is a core mission of Handpoint, and our Vantiv certification is yet another step forward in this endeavor. Handpoint’s CEO David Gudjonsson said:

“Enabling developers to build powerful and secure payments functionality for their organizations is a key focus of Handpoint’s PaaS solution and our mission to support seamless commerce and payments. With our Vantiv certification, we’ve married the ease and functionality of the Handpoint platform with one of the leading acquirers in the integrated payments space. This powerful combination will be a great opportunity for ISVs, merchants, and ISOs who are looking for a robust and flexible payments platform solution.”

With Handpoint’s Vantiv certification, ISVs and ISOs can move seamlessly to integrated payments with both industry-leading technology and processing capabilities. To learn more about Handpoint’s Vantiv certification, please visit us at Handpoint.com or contact us today.

About Handpoint
Headquartered in Iceland with offices in the UK and USA, Handpoint is a next generation Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider to the payments industry. Handpoint has pioneered major innovations in the mobile payments market through its innovative PaaS solution, including developing easily integrated EMV payments, and has won multiple awards for the high pace of innovation in developing their end-to-end integrated payments migration platform.