Growing Concern Over ADA Litigation At Point-of-Sale. MMF POS Addresses with Wheelchair Accessible Payment Terminal Mount.

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WHEELING, IL – Major retailers have recently faced litigation for alleged National Federation of the Blind and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) violations.  Claims include inaccessible or unusable payment keypads for wheelchair users or visually impaired customers.

In most cases, the person with the disability often gives their payment card and PIN to the cashier or another shopper to complete the transaction.  This also opens up opportunities for security breaches and fraud as customers relinquish control of their payment cards and PINs.

In response, MMF POS has launched a line of Wheelchair Accessible Payment Terminal Mounts for the most popular EMV-Ready payment terminals.  The design has a unique adjustable arm that enables those in wheelchairs to complete payment transactions without relinquishing payment cards and PINs.  The new mounts also have the standard Triple Security feature found in other MMF POS payment terminal stands, supporting PCI DSS v3.0-Requirement 9.9 compliance.

“There is no requirement, as we understand it, which allows a business owner time to remedy claimed non-compliance, according to Anne Gray, Senior Product Manager for MMF POS. “The plaintiff’s attorney can choose to file a lawsuit at any time, which can include fines up to $75,000, added Gray.

“This will be a growing concern as more litigation becomes public knowledge, said Larry Greenberg, Director of Sales and Marketing for MMF POS.  According to Greenberg, “With so much attention being paid to EMV adoption, this issue has yet to receive the attention it should. But it’s building.  A prudent approach would be to tackle accessibility as part of EMV conversion, said Greenberg.

Unlike many payment terminal stands, which only tilt slightly, the MMF POS Wheelchair Accessible Payment Terminal Mount has additional positioning angles to accommodate those who use a wheelchair.  Its arm also lowers up to 10 inches below standard counter height for easier wheelchair access. The smooth tilt and rotation provide continuous positioning adjustments as needed; from cashier to customer and back.  This patent-pending design is truly unique.

Deploying the new mounts will help merchants better serve this customer base and avoid potential costly lawsuits related to wheelchair access.  Note:  Wheelchair Accessible Mounts help support ADA height guidelines but cannot completely ensure compliance as other aspects need to be considered.

To learn more visit:  Search:  Wheelchair Accessible Payment Terminal Mount.