Genesys Technologies and MagTek, Inc. Partner to Integrate DynaProx BCR, a Contactless and Barcode Reading Device for Payments, Identification, and Access Control

CryptoTap Plus is the Next Generation of Payments Delivering Security, Simplified Maintenance, and Reduced Time Spent Counting Cash and Coins for Car Washes and Laundromats.

SEAL BEACH, CA – MagTek, a global leader in secure payment technology, and Genesys Technologies, a pioneer in unattended payments for the self-service cleaning industry, launches CryptoTap Plus, a cutting-edge contactless, wireless payment technology designed for car washes and laundromats. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates MagTek’s DynaProx BCR, ensuring durability and efficiency in challenging environments.

CryptoTap Plus revolutionizes unattended payments by offering a comprehensive solution that combines tickets and accepts NFC payments from various sources, including cards, mobile wallets, and wearables. Tap payments, backed by major banks and card issuers, are fast, convenient, and cater to the evolving needs of consumers. The device’s compatibility with EMV contactless cards, NFC mobile wallets, and barcode technology, is also future-proofed for supporting identification and access control solutions that read NFC data for NTAG, MiFare and DESFire, positioning the offering as an ideal solution for car washes and laundromat operators.

Crafted to withstand the demanding conditions of car washes and laundromats, the DynaProx BCR boasts an IP66 and IK08 certification, crucial for operational uptime in harsh settings. Its resistance to extreme temperatures, coupled with a design free of moving parts, minimizes wear and tear, guaranteeing consistent performance. The robust features of DynaProx contribute to the reliability and effectiveness of CryptoTap Plus.

The installation of CryptoTap Plus is hassle-free, with easy-to-install hardware and user-friendly software, all at a lower cost compared to other payment solutions. The compact footprint of the MagTek DynaProx BCR device facilitates swift installation, even in locations traditionally reliant on coin operations. Furthermore, CryptoTap Plus’ external button, customizable for red or green illumination, adds credits or stops the count-up cycle. Connected directly to the car wash timer, CryptoTap Plus leverages contactless technology for payments, while the barcode reader seamlessly handles QR codes from smart devices. In low-lit areas, the device stands out with brilliant color LEDs surrounding the DynaProx device.

Dave Richards, Vice President of Genesys Technologies, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “A big part of the beauty of our solution is it uses the MagTek DynaProx BCR. DynaProx is rugged, easy to integrate with, and its barcode scanner lens is ingeniously positioned to prevent water, lint, and dirt from collecting. This is our third product we have developed with MagTek and I believe it will be even more successful than past solutions.”

Both DynaProx and DynaProx BCR implement the MagneSafe® Security Architecture (MSA), ensuring the next generation of security. Meeting the requirements for contactless EMV 3.0, PCI PTS POI 6.1, and featuring AES 256 encryption with DUKPT key management, providing the most advanced commercially available data encryption.

Satish Govindarajan, Chief Sales and Strategy Officer of MagTek, highlighted the partnership’s commitment to security: “We are always excited to work with CryptoPay. By CryptoPay using the Magensa Gateway to secure data along the payment chain, they can confidently claim to offer the most secure payment solution in the market. DynaProx combined with the Magensa Gateway, both support AES 256 encryption with DUKPT, in addition to a number of other services including tokenization, where cross merchant IDs and couponing can be used.”

CryptoTap is available now through Genesys’s vetted reseller partners listed on Learn more by contacting Genesys directly or visiting them at the Southwest Car Wash Association Show (SCWA), Feb 28 – March 2, 2024, Booth 1225 or The Car Wash Show, May 13-15, 2024, Booth 632. MagTek’s DynaProx, with and without barcode reader and optional stand, is ready for custom solution integration with development tools posted and available today on or stop by the Transact ETA, April 17 – 19, 2024, Booth 542.

About MagTek
Founded in 1972, MagTek is a leading manufacturer of electronic systems for the reliable issuance, reading, transmission, and security of cards, barcodes, checks, PINs, and identification documents. Leading with innovation and engineering excellence, MagTek is known for quality and dependability. Our hardware products include secure card reader/authenticators, Qwantum secure cards, token generators; EMV Contact Chip, EMV Contactless, barcode and NFC reading devices; encrypting check scanners, PIN pads, and credential personalization systems. These products all connect to Magensa, a MagTek owned gateway that offers businesses the ability to securely process transactions using authentication, encryption, tokenization, and non-static data. MagTek is headquartered in Seal Beach, CA, please visit to learn more.

MagTek is headquartered in Seal Beach, CA.

About Genesys Technologies
Genesys Technologies supplies point of sale solutions to the unattended cleaning solution environments. Founded in 2001 with a goal in mind to keep transactions secure, the process cost- effective and simple, and award-winning customer service. In a global field of more than 10,000 businesses, Genesys Technologies was recently ranked in the top 100 providers for best customer service as measured by the chat provider LiveHelpNow. This recognition highlights the professionalism, skill, concern, and quest to provide the best service possible.

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