Future POS Press Release V6

Future POS Inc. is excited to announce the release of their latest, state-of-the art version of the industry leading Future POS software “ Version 6. This new version, which was over two years in development, has a web based back office that allows for Cloud based Maintenance and Reporting, a built in Drag-and-Drop Report Writer, and the ability to have different graphical “Themes on the Point of Sale.

According to John Giles, President of Future POS, “We saw a few years back that the Cloud was going to be a hot topic, and we acted accordingly. With Version 6, we will have the ability to do a “Tablet to Cloud solution with our industry leading Mobile POS for Apple/Android that has no requirement for a Windows server at the store. We can also do a traditional Windows configuration at the store, with a local server and data replicated to the cloud. Either configuration will allow for maintenance and reporting to be done from anywhere that you have an internet connection, and on virtually any device. Essentially, we have expanded our product’s capabilities to handle any size customer from cradle to grave. If it’s a single tablet in a food truck or a 77 terminal stadium, Future POS has the right product to fit, and can grow with the customer as their business prospers.

Future POS has always had the fastest, easiest, and most reliable Front of House in the hospitality industry, and with the release of the web enabled Version 6, it will have a best of breed Back of the House to match. The drag-and-drop report writer is an industry first, and will leave the competition scrambling to remain relevant. Version 6 will be coming to a store near you in the immediate future, and will be featured on the upcoming season of “Bar Rescue. If your hospitality ISV is failing to keep their product current, you owe it to yourself to see the difference between all other legacy ISV’s and Future POS!