Flexspring is the leading expert in HR data integration. Companies that want to save time and money by automating their business processes to avoid tedious manual tasks between retail solutions (e.g. Point of Sale) and HR apps (e.g. Payroll), benefit from Flexspring’s services.

Flexspring provides data integration and process automation delivered as a managed service. Flexspring takes on the task of designing, building, maintaining and supporting our clients’ integrations. We deliver client value in a variety of ways including:

-Significantly eliminate manual tasks and error-prone data entry
-Reduce payroll risks by replacing error-prone processes with automation
-Eliminate the need for internal IT resources to build integrations
-Gain near real-time data sharing via API to API connection
- Increase security by reducing unnecessary user accounts, duplicate employee profiles, and people involved with manual data entry
-Gain true point-to-point integrations that do not require manual interventions, do not store data, and meet enterprise-level security standards
-Future-proof integrations by running them on Flexspring, which allows for easy modifications should new business rules, new payment codes, or new custom fields need to be added

Flexspring for POS

POS Integration: Connect your Retail POS solutions to any app to save time and money. Some common integration use cases include: 1) New Hires and Employee Updates from Payroll to POS. 2) Time and Attendance Summaries from POS to Payroll. 3) Tips and Commissions from POS to Payroll.

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