Enhanced Service Offerings from Zebra Offer Right-Sized Support

New customized service levels maximize uptime and efficiency for printers and enterprise solutions

Hebron, Ky. – BlueStar, a leading global distributor of ADC, Mobility, Point-of-Sale, RFID, Digital Signage, and Security technology solutions, is pleased to announce the latest updates and additions to Zebra Technologies’ support programs for printers and enterprise solutions.

The new Zebra OneCare provides a unified three-tiered service offering across the entire portfolio: -Essential, Select and Premier. The Essential program provides software updates and product repair along with comprehensive damage coverage. Users also receive access to experienced technical support in 16 different languages and three-day turnaround on standard repairs. Several new options based upon business needs allow customers to add features such as expedited shipping, commissioning, the new Repair Dashboard, and battery maintenance.

According to Pam Spink, Business Development Manager at BlueStar, “The new Zebra OneCare offering has provided many enhancements for Zebra’s customers. We are excited to offer this to our VARs as the coverage will provide enhanced support over the standard warranty coverage.”

For enterprise mobile computers, Zebra OneCare Essential includes Device Diagnostics to triage WLAN connectivity, memory and battery issues directly from the user’s hands for minimal downtime. Customers can also benefit from on-site service, which dispatches a technician to troubleshoot and resolve issues for business-critical situations.

Zebra OneCare Select builds on the Essential offering, adding advanced replacement service for even faster repair turnaround. It features expedited shipping, 24×7 help desk, and commissioning for application loading and configuration. Enterprise device users who take advantage of the Zebra OneCare Select program also benefit from the new repair service dashboard with the ability to view detailed repair activity reports, no trouble found stats and detailed status of repairs.

Zebra OneCare provides a higher level of protection on top of Zebra’s standard warranty. Whether it’s a broken display on a barcode scanner, or a worn out printhead, Zebra OneCare provides comprehensive coverage for normal wear and tear as well as accidental damage to help protect your customers’ investment.

Operational Visibility Service (OVS), Zebra’s new cloud-based service provides the location, condition, health, usage patterns and repair history of devices for improved asset control and visibility across devices and networked printers. Both Zebra OneCare Select and Essential include online learning assessments and access to exclusive Zebra learning resources. This exclusive online content helps educate users on how to use Zebra solutions and improve device adoption rates.

In addition, the Zebra OneCare Premier program offers a completely customizable service option with dedicated support desk service, customized dashboards, and advanced diagnostics. Zebra solution experts can help customize printer settings and software, integrate third-party software and peripherals and perform advanced diagnostics to meet a wide array of user needs.

Zebra now offers 24×7 technical support, same-day replacement, device diagnostics, and service dashboards to help value-added resellers differentiate themselves in the market and maximize device uptime for end users. Most importantly, these new capabilities are available at the same prices as the old program.

For more information about Zebra OneCare services and OVS for enterprise and printer products available from BlueStar, visit https://www.bluestarinc.com/us-en/zebraonecare.html.


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