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Digital Transactions mission is to chronicle and explain the revolution sweeping through Payments market in North America. We do this by providing the most informative and comprehensive publication serving the Payments market. We are committed to covering all networks (including credit, debit, check imaging and exchange, and automated clearinghouse) as well as both the issuing/originating and acquiring parts of the market. We further accomplish our mission by relying on a staff of highly capable professional journalists who have years of experience covering the Payments market. With over 21,000 BPA audited subscribers Digital Transactions reaches top executives from financial institutions, retailers and the sales channel. In addition to our highly distributed magazine we also produce a daily newsletter Digital Transactions News which is emailed to over 15,000 subscribers every day. is our web site providing daily updates on events changing the Payments market. On average in 2019 over 52,000 visitors frequent the site every month. Subscribe by clicking here today!

Digital Transactions News

Digital Transactions News is a daily newsletter delivering the news from across the payments market. Subscribe today

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