DAVO TECHNOLOGIES Releases Two New Cash Management Apps for Small Business Owners

PORTLAND, ME – DAVO Technologies, the developers of DAVO Sales Tax, the only automated sales tax cash management solution for small to mid- sized businesses is releasing two new applications, DAVO Sweep & Save and DAVO Savings Club to help businesses with all of their cash management needs. 

DAVO Sweep & Save sets aside a fixed dollar amount or percentage of a merchant’s daily sales and then returns the funds back to the merchant monthly.  This automatic daily cash management of recurring expenses may be used for any monthly expenses such as rent, business loans, HSA accounts, and equipment leases to name just a few. DAVO Savings Club also sets aside a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of daily sales, but returns funds back to the merchant annually.  DAVO Savings Club is intended for ongoing cookie jar or Christmas Club like savings….

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