Datacap partners with GojiKiosk to enable turn-key unattended payments for Point of Sale providers

GojiKiosk and Datacap Systems are working together to bring new and innovative technologies that will enable a unique in-store self-ordering experience for consumers.

CHALFORT, PA – GojiKiosk, an advanced self-order system with a focus on customer experience, and Datacap Systems, a leading integrated payments provider are working together to bring new and innovative technologies that will enable a unique in-store self-ordering experience for consumers.

GojiKiosk is designed to solve many of the issues that have made legacy self-order kiosks difficult to sell, deploy and configure at merchant locations. Goji Systems and Datacap have partnered to provide high-end turn-key kiosks that integrate seamlessly to Point of Sale providers that utilize Datacap’s industry-standard payments solutions.

“Our vision for GojiKiosk is to create technology to help people.  You need great relationships to build helpful technologies.  We trust in the people at Datacap.  We believe in their solutions.  We align well with our vision on innovation.” said Joseph S. Hwang, CEO, Goji Systems.

The future of brick and mortar is all about customer experience. GojiKiosk is designed to help merchants differentiate and deliver elevated customer experiences by offering unique services that GojiKiosk can provide:

  • Turn-key setup and installation
  • Faster, more accurate service
  • Multi-language support
  • Universal order history – recall orders from any store
  • Better data collection in-store – improved customer visibility
  • Re-allocation of human resources

“With unattended payments solutions growing rapidly in a variety of verticals, including QSR and fast-casual, we’re excited to introduce GojiKiosk as a turn-key self-order system to our POS partners,” said Justin Zeigler, Dir Product at Datacap Systems. “The ability to offer additional value for existing and prospective merchant clients via faster, more cost-effective payment methods will generate new revenue opportunities for both merchants and POS providers.”

Datacap partners can now leverage GojiKiosk as part of their technology ecosystem. The Datacap integration provides feature-rich payments capabilities to GojiKiosk that will enable Goji Systems and Datacap POS partners to deliver better customer experiences through seamless omnichannel payments integration.

About Goji Systems
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About Datacap 
Datacap Systems celebrates 35 years of successfully designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative integrated payment solutions for any Point of Sale. One simple interface allows Point of Sale developers to keep pace with evolving trends and payment industry standards, so they can spend development dollars on POS innovation rather than integrated payments. Integrated payment solutions from Datacap are utilized by hundreds of POS applications in an array of vertical markets. Contact us to learn more!