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FaceMe® by CyberLink is an industry-leading cross-platform facial recognition engine. It is offered as an SDK (software development kit) for customized deployment across any device or use case, and as a turn-key software solution named FaceMe® Security, for surveillance and people identification. It can detect faces, recognize people, and identify attributes such as age, gender, emotions, and face orientation. FaceMe® can transform retail by delivering personalized shopping experiences to loyalty program members as well as non-registered customers, by enabling several contactless interactive shopping and payment use cases, and by collecting precise demographic statistics. It can also enhance security in areas such as access control, attendance, people of interest identification, loss prevention, and behavioral analysis.

The engine offers a 99.7% accuracy rate, ranking it amongst the most precise solutions in the market. FaceMe’s® edge-based architecture makes it faster and more affordable than cloud-based solutions. With no need to send data to the cloud or to store face pictures or videos, it ensures superior records and privacy protection. FaceMe® is optimized for any IoT device, PC, or server and supports multiple operating systems to deliver the best combination of accuracy, speed, and database size for any use case and hardware configuration.

CyberLink FaceMe®

The World’s Top Cross-Platform AI Facial Recognition Engine.
FaceMe® ranks among the top global technology providers with an excellent recognition rate of 99.7% (VISA 1E-4) in the global index NIST FRVT facial recognition evaluation.

Optimized for Edge.
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