Three Security Trends You Can Capitalize on Now

By: Field Nation

We live in uncertain times. Is it any wonder that demand for security technology is booming?

Demand for field services relating to CCTV, security, and alarm work is up 45% YoY. Leaders across industries are investing in new tech to protect their facilities and inventory. What’s more, these improvements often translate into greater convenience for employees.

Service companies with the capacity to meet this heightened demand can capitalize on the security boom. Here are three security trends to watch out for.

Modernizing Access Controls
One of the most common security systems, access control eliminates the need for on-duty security guards and receptionists. Businesses are upgrading this labor-saving amenity to make access more convenient and reliable.

For example, many businesses are installing or refreshing their access control systems to accommodate mobile authentication––using an electronic signature from an employee’s cell phone to gain entry. No more getting locked out because you forgot your keycard at home.

For many businesses, modernizing access control systems means treating access as an amenity. That means considering access control systems alongside new IoT solutions that enhance employee and customer experiences, which fits into the broader IT trend of increased connectivity between devices and networks of data.

CCTV Moves to The Cloud
Many legacy video surveillance systems are in need of upgrading or replacement. As businesses take measures to better protect their brick-and-mortar locations, they are opting into CCTV systems that offer better resolution, increased functionality, and integration with software.

Along those lines, more businesses are adopting cost-effective cloud-based surveillance solutions that offer features like remote data access and secure data storage. To keep this data safe, many businesses are also revamping their cybersecurity efforts with end-to-end encryption that keeps data secure throughout its lifecycle of collection, transmission, and storage.

Many security MSPs are now bundling their services with analytics/intelligence offerings that provide smart alerts on any suspicious irregularities. This approach is also evolving into setups where security is being bundled with shopper intelligence in order to further digitize the consumer experience.

COVID’s Long Tail and Supply Chain Issues
As with every technology vertical, the security industry continues to feel the effects of supply chain disruptions and public health concerns.

The COVID-19 pandemic heightened interest in low/no touch technologies, as well as intelligent video that makes social distancing easier. As the world slowly emerges from the pandemic, many of these security technology preferences remain intact.

Supply chain issues also persist. The global shortage of semiconductors and other essential technology building blocks has put some security projects on hold. When supply chain issues resolve themselves, service companies will be faced with a wave of work.