Say Less, Be Clear, and Lead Better

By: Mark Perterson at RSS

As a marketer, I know words and clarity matter. As a leader, you should know that words and clarity matter. And the best way to use words is to say less and be clear.

This rule is especially true for leaders.

The last thing you want to do in leadership is to confuse people with your words. But that is what many leaders do. They talk too much, use big words and bounce from one topic to another.

The result: a confused and disengaged audience.

How To Create Clarity in Your Messaging
The thing that breeds clarity in communication is brevity. So, get to the point in your email, presentation, or performance review. How do you do that?

  • Use precise language
  • Communicate in the active voice
  • Avoid unnecessary words and long sentences.

Those you lead will understand you better. As a result, you will equip them to succeed.