RSPA Members Share Resources That Help Merchants Combat Labor Shortage

Labor shortages and employee turnover continue to plague almost every industry. The urgent question is, what can you do to compete in this merciless environment? Top RSPA members recommend merchants use technology and culture to develop thriving employee recruitment and retention processes.

In the Dec. 9 Stopping Employee Turnover Starts with Creating a World-Class Culture Retail IT Roundtable hosted by the RSPA W2W Community, industry leaders shared resources that help merchants attract and retain top-performing employees using world class-culture and technology.

Follow these links to learn more about each resource:

  • Study: Retailers Share Insights from the Last 18 Months
    RSPA members TimeForge and North Country Business Products present data from a recent survey of mid-to-large grocers. Learn how labor market trends have impacted grocers – and the strategies they’re using to overcome challenges.
  • The Importance of Company Culture
    In this guide, RSPA member Keystone International Group provides culture data plus a helpful exercise with actionable items to create or improve your organization’s culture.
  • Study: Grocers Adopt Game-Changing Technology
    Amid the pandemic, rising costs, and ongoing labor shortage, businesses are even more motivated to find ways to do more with less and differentiate themselves from the competition. And they’re succeeding … with technology. Find out how RSPA members TimeForge and CBS NorthStar are helping businesses adopt cutting-edge technologies to meet the challenges of today’s changing industry and consumer demand.
  • RSPA Trusted Advisor Podcast: How VARs Can Help Merchants Solve Their Labor Crisis
    In this episode, the RSPA’s Jim Roddy talks with labor technology experts Audrey Hogan of TimeForge and Barb Trushenski and Jeff Zimmerman of North Country Business Products about how VARs are helping merchants solve their labor crisis. They discuss their joint report on grocery labor market trends, how to best start a labor tech conversation with a merchant, and which technologies are helping merchants improve their labor situation.

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