Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Episode 99: Finding the Value in Industry Associations

In Episode 99 of “The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast,” Custom Business Solutions COO and host Jeremy Julian sits down with RSPA President and CEO John Kirk to discuss the value of partnering with companies that continue to grow their knowledge and experience in their industry. Jeremy and John discuss the power of building relationships and how engaging with associations can accelerate VAR success.

Here are some key quotes and takeaways:

  • “The amount of technology we need to compete as a VAR is never-ending.” – Julian
  • “There is a deep reservoir of products and services available through RSPA members that can add revenue funnels for all parties.” – Kirk
  • “RSPA members help merchants add pipelines to the cash drawer.” – Kirk
  • “We have to be fundamentally sound and prepare for whatever the future may hold.” – Kirk
  • “If you get the benefit of a strong inner circle, you will accelerate your learning curve and better serve your customer base.” – Kirk
  • “We’re living in the internet era, but there is real value in working with a VAR. You get to work with a trusted advisor.” – Julian
  • “You can’t press buttons to create relationships, and relationships will make all the difference.” – Kirk
  • “The RSPA supports the SMB space; we have members of all sizes. We work with the largest companies to the smallest ISOs in the retail IT industry.” – Kirk
  • “We’re partnering with groups and providing education to ensure our members are always part of the solution and not the problem.” – Kirk

You can gain more insights into the value of building relationships and industry association alignment in the full episode here:

Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Episode 99 – Finding the value in industry associations with RSPA CEO John Kirk