Reimagined Retail: Teaming Up with IoT for the Complete Solution

Generate value when you fuse DC POS and smart technology.

By: Ingram Micro

Convenience. It heavily influences consumer behavior and which technologies survive in market.

Today, retailers invest in data capture and point-of-sale (POS) solutions that streamline the shopping experience for customers. Luckily for the provider, those same solutions are IoT-powered, allowing data collection to be a streamlined process as well.

Let’s explore smart retail by the numbers…

81% improved customer experience

78% improved visibility across organizations

74% increased profitability

18 billion IoT devices estimated in use today

Today, retailers who adopt mobile POS systems and self-serve kiosks can now integrate smart retail technologies such as video analytics. For instance, an IP camera with AI software can detect the number of shoppers in line. When the line grows too long, associates are alerted in real-time to ensure an efficient checkout experience. This combination of technology provides better forecasting for products, improved insight for advertising and can also drive more conversions.