Our Transition from POS Value Added Reseller to POS Software Developer

By: Cort Ouzts, CEO of POS Nation

Our transition from POS value added reseller to POS software developer started in earnest with a common question that all entrepreneurs face: what if there’s a better way?

At POS Nation, we’ve sold POS systems for nearly 20 years — but as a reseller, we were entirely dependent on third-parties to provide software to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. While we stand behind the POS software we’ve sold in the past, we felt that there were gaps beginning to form between what the software could do and what our customers were demanding.

We speak to thousands of retailers each month, and we feel like we’re very attuned to the current challenges these small- to medium-sized businesses are facing. And for a company that literally has ‘Obsess About Being Great’ and ‘The Customer Deserves Now’ painted in a giant font on our wall, continuing to rely on someone else to develop a product that addresses the needs of modern retailers simply became unacceptable. There has to be a better way…

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