Navigating Card Brand Rules on Cash Discounting with Sound Payments and RSPA’s Jill Miller

By: Sound Payments

In a recent episode of “ReSOUNDing: The Sound Payments Podcast” Michelle Danisovszky and Cesar Carrasco of Sound Payments are joined by RSPA General Counsel Jill Miller to offer listeners a comprehensive understanding of on card brand rules around cash discounting and surcharging.

Danisovszky, Carrasco, and Miller unpack the complexities of card brand rules, examine crucial dos and don’ts for businesses, and shed light on the importance of precise terminology in payment practices. Plus, gain valuable insights from Miller’s unique legal perspective, providing a nuanced understanding of the legal implications surrounding cash discounting and surcharging.

Tune in now to the latest episode of “ReSOUNDing,” and unlock the keys to financial success!

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