Facial Recognition Technology: Who, What, When, and Where?

By: Cyberlink

Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives. From cell phones to cars, facial recognition has proven to be a fast, secure, and reliable tool to improve customer experiences.

From hotels to restaurants, events, and more, FRT is all about creating amazing experiences for your customers. Facial recognition not only empowers new experiences and opportunities but can also cut down on the most stressful and challenging elements of the industry. Thanks to highly accurate and flexible facial recognition solutions, you can streamline check-in lines, long security processes, payments, and other pain points.

To better understand how customers are embracing facial recognition technology, check out this Face of the Future Report. The report discusses:

  • Where consumers are most open to utilizing Facial Recognition
  • What the top motivators are for implementation and use of Facial Recognition
  • Which demographics are more likely to adopt Facial Recognition