Develop The Right Social Media Strategy for Your Business

Interacting on these top social media platforms can help grow your audience.

By: Ingram Micro Marketing Department

Of the nearly 120 social media platforms available worldwide, there are four main platforms that have the biggest potential to expand your company’s audience and establish a stronger brand presence in your industry. Learn the key benefits of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, why more than 4 billion people across the globe are connected to these social networks and when to use each platform.

Below is an overview of each platform and a checklist of items to consider.

Released: 2010
Focus: photo and video sharing
Users: approx. 1 billion worldwide
Demographic: 25–34 years old

Use this platform if you:

  •  Want to reach a younger demographic. More than half of the global Instagram population worldwide is 34 years or younger (Statista)
  • Have a business that has visually appealing products, art, design
  • Offer a service with visibly noticeable end results
  • Want to build brand awareness
  • Want to reach one of the largest audiences in the world. As of November 2022, there are an estimated 1 billion Instagram users (Statista

Released: 2006
Focus: information sharing and socializing
Users: 2.96 billion worldwide
Demographic: 25-34 years old

Use this platform if you want:

  • To reach a larger, diverse demographic and drive users
    to consider your business
  •  A plethora of targeting options—Facebook caters to
    users at any stage of their customer journey and any
  • To target your competition’s audience; figuring out
    why these users are interested in your competition can
    provide more ways to address your audience
  • To build brand awareness
  • To mix it up with your advertising formats—Facebook
    has 4 options at your disposal that are visually oriented
    in addition to sponsored posts

Released: 2006
Focus: microblogging and social networking
Users: 350 million monthly active users worldwide
Demographic: 25-34 years old

Use this platform if you want to:

  •  Build a brand personality
  •  Create brand awareness
  •  Start or be a part of conversations as well as engage
    your audience
  •  Connect with customers and other businesses
  • Stay engaged with your industry and understand your
    brand’s public reputation

Released: 2003
Focus: professional networking and career development
Users: 750 million members worldwide
Demographic: employers and job seekers between
18 and 64 years old with the majority between
30-39 years old

Use this platform if you want to:

  • Develop thought leadership for your company or
    leadership teams
  • Reach a professional demographic and make
    connections in your industries and other relative
  •  Attract top talent to your company
  • Create brand awareness
  • Develop a professional network with a B2B audience