Catching up with the TEConnect Podcast– Digital Marketing During a Crisis

By: BlueStar 

Though we’ve probably all grown very weary and exhausted towards any talk about the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is still impacting hundreds and thousands of citizens across the continental US, because we don’t have a vaccine in sight. Many people are still scared and unsure about many things that used to be second nature, such as sending children to school and grabbing a drink with friends at the bar. On the other side of that, several states and regions have enacted travel bans and business restrictions, setting curfews for alcohol sales and limitations for how many customers can exist in a particular room. We are far from the end of this nightmare, but that’s where businesses can up their marketing strategies to better support their end-users and general audience.

What should you be doing?

With tradeshows and large conferences being cancelled/rescheduled thanks to travel bans and the rapid spread of the virus, there is a high demand for digital marketing. Obviously, communication messages may differ in between several industries, but the goal through it all is to remain honest in your direction. Language is critical. Context is everything, especially in this sensitive time where people from nearly every background have been impacted by the Pandemic in their own unique scenario.

Embodying an authentic spirit is essential. You wouldn’t want to come off as opportunistic, to benefit your own financial profit, because even though many industries are booming in sales, other vertical markets many not have been struck with that same wind of luck, so it’s wise to proceed with caution. Think about how you’d want to be addressed in this situation, if you were on the receiving end of it.

The best way to think about this is that we are all humans embracing this situation, and keeping an authentic and real H2H interaction, tried and true, is vital in keeping and strengthening relationships. At the same time, Global Marketing Manager, Dean Reverman advises to “not just pull at their [customers’] heart strings, rather give them what they are looking for, and in this situation, that would be solutions.

You’re probably more than familiar with what local businesses are doing to respond to the Pandemic, mostly because your inbox was more than likely full of ‘Response Emails.’ From insurance companies to even quick service restaurants, you probably forgot about all of the businesses who had access to your email address before this virus outbreak. These brands had the right idea in mind when it comes to informing the masses of their COVID-19 Statement, but more inclusively, your customers are looking for answers and solutions to fulfill their needs during this time.

Lastly, as this pandemic is still fluid, it’s also important to frequently audit your communications, for something that was valid before may not apply today. Once you’ve nailed down these tips, you’re sure to better attack this virus, one message at a time. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, the TEConnect Podcast episode “Digital Marketing During a Crisis”, featuring Digital Marketing Guru, James Korte is available to view here: