Clearent to Host New Virtual Event for ISVs and ISOs: Credit Card Surcharges: Is it Helpful or Harmful for Merchant Growth?

CREVE COEUR, MO – Clearent by Xplor, a leading full-service payments solution provider, announced that it will host a new webinar for ISVs and ISOs, ‘Credit Card Surcharges: Is it Helpful or Harmful for Merchant Growth?’, in response to increasing confusion and widespread misinformation around these programs.

On Wednesday, August 17th from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST, Clearent will break down the facts and dismantle myths around these popular pricing programs. Speakers Erik Anderson, Product Manager, Mark Passifione, VP of Partner Solutions from Clearent, and guest Jared Story, ParsePay CEO and Co-Founder will debate their effectiveness in helping merchants create sustainable growth in the face of challenging market conditions like rising costs.

“With rapidly increasing costs for essential business services and concerns around inflation, it’s imperative that ISVs and ISOs have sustainable ways to help their customers save costs and grow. That’s why we’re excited to host this webinar. Our goal is to share valuable and relevant guidance that ISVs and ISOs can use to deliver services that will make their customers more efficient and profitable.,” said Mark Passifione, VP of Partner Solutions from Clearent.

“There is so much misinformation around surcharging and cash discount today which makes it tough for ISVs and ISOs to navigate. I am looking forward to helping Clearent deliver the facts and share ParsePay’s experience with these programs so my peers have the insights they need to determine if these programs are right for their customers.,” said Jared Story.

Webinar participants will learn:

  • The differences between surcharging and cash discounts and their impact in different business environments
  • How effective surcharging and cash discounts programs are in fighting inflation
  • Potential benefits and ROI that can directly impact ISVs, ISOs, and their customers

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