CD Financial Company, Inc.

CD Financial Company (CDF) provides a full range of POS system financing options and offers an online tool that supports a simple solution for a POS system configuration process for easy quoting and automated ordering from multiple vendors, all bundled into a flexible System-As-A-Service offering for complete financing. This process can allow the reseller to easily customize a POS solution as they deem best, with multiple vendors involved, but still offer a single monthly payment from the retailer. The reseller can provide for all of its funds receipts upfront or receive its profits and service fees on a monthly basis. CDF manages all funds collections and disbursements. Our program is designed to provide flexibility and control to the reseller in the sale and support of POS systems.

Standard Equipment Financing

We provide straight lease financing for 24, 36 and 48 month terms.

Other Products and Services

SaaS equipment bundle financing

Contact Info

Jennifer Fulmer

VP Business Development

(703) 787-8420

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