Card Marketing Services Provides Way for Merchants to Feel Revenue Relief Amid COVID-19

Nashville, TN – As restaurants and retailers struggle to stay afloat during COVID-19, Card Marketing Services, a gift card solutions company, is offering a tool to help bridge the gap. The company’s OneCard service offers businesses an easy way to add gift card sales to their website. To do its part in alleviating the pressure restaurants and retailers are feeling, Card Marketing Services is offering its OneCard program free* to all merchants. Anyone who signs up during the month of March will incur no set-up fee, 250 free custom printed cards (including card carriers and envelopes), and three months of free web hosting—an approximate $1,000 value for merchants. *(credit card processing fees still apply.  Gift card processing fees may still apply depending on your processor. We are currently working with all partners to waive any associated fees).

Gift card purchases are a tangible and proactive way to ease the financial tension that restaurants and retailers are feeling during the COVID-19 public health crisis. While foot traffic and profits decline, gift card sales can provide merchants with fast revenue that can sustain their business through this difficult time. Card Marketing Services hopes to help businesses stay ahead of revenue challenges that could potentially close their doors.

“As we focus on taking care of our employees, we want to make sure we’re also doing everything we can to help the businesses in our community. We feel that our OneCard tool is what will make the biggest impact,” says Mark Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing,  Card Marketing Services.

Card Marketing Services’ OneCard tool is a customized shopping cart used to sell physical and virtual gift cards from a business’ website. Restaurants and retailers can utilize this tool to allow customers to order gift cards from home without risking their health or the health of others. Through OneCard, consumers can support the businesses they love while giving gift cards to friends and family or to those who are out of work and in need of aid.

Businesses that would like to implement online gift card sales are asked to contact Card Marketing Services to begin setup. Set-up fees will be pro-bono in hopes that restaurants and retailers can use this tool to promote gift card sales to their communities, increasing their short- and long-term revenue.

To learn more about the OneCard tool or to contact Card Marketing Services for further information, please visit     

About Card Marketing Services
Headquartered in Nolensville, Tennessee, just south of Nashville, Card Marketing Services is a gift card solutions company. Partnering with gift card processors and point of sale systems, Card Marketing Services produces cards for use with a variety of gift, loyalty, and promotional programs. To learn more about Card Marketing Services, please visit