2022 RSPA Retail IT Channel KPI Study

For the sixth annual Retail IT Channel KPI Study, the RSPA has compiled data that will help VARs and ISVs better navigate today’s ever-changing ecosystem. Among the key takeaways:

  • VAR sales bounce back from COVID crisis
  • ISV/VAR hybrids experience best year ever
  • Solution provider profits jump in ’21 – and ‘22 should be even better
  • Expect significant M&A activity among ISVs, hybrids in 2022-23
  • Top niche verticals for 2022: liquor, ethnic, cannabis
  • Sales pay spikes, 40% of top-performing reps earned over $100k in 2021
  • VAR/ISV marketing spend goes from bad to worse
  • Retail IT VARs & ISVs “have the potential for incredible growth”

Access the 2022 RSPA Retail IT Channel KPI Study here.