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BASYS provides customized payment integrations for software companies. With a simple application process, enhanced security, and value-added features like recurring billing and click-to-pay invoicing, we work tirelessly to increase our partners’ revenue while providing world-class customer service. BASYS' proprietary gateway, iQ Pro, is a payment processing solution designed specifically for businesses that accept payments both in-person and over-the-phone. iQ Pro allows these businesses to qualify for the lowest possible rates on card-not-present transactions, while still allowing for EMV-compliant, card-present transactions. Typically, qualifying for these rates requires manually submitting between 5 and 19 additional pieces of data with each transaction. iQ Pro automatically captures and submits this data, saving merchants valuable time and money. Beyond savings, iQ Pro has a variety of features designed to increase productivity and revenue, including a secure customer vault for recurring transactions, simplified PCI compliance, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. And no extra devices are needed—iQ Pro is accessible from any computer with an internet connection and can integrate with your software solution to deliver a truly seamless end-user experience.

iQ Pro

Swipe, dip, and key credit cards with our proprietary payment gateway, iQ Pro! This solution is designed to help B2B organizations reduce their credit card processing expenses while streamlining workflows, and can fully integrate with your software to deliver a truly seamless end-user experience.

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