Avoid chargebacks and get faster table turns!

By: Sharon Riggs, Senior Marketing Manager at ASI

There are lots of reasons to buy a POS System. Whether its ease-of-use, splitting checks, real-time sales reports, integration to mobile solutions for reporting, customer interaction, mobile payments or integrated EMV for payments processing, you can put together a solution that’s tailored to your unique business needs…and budget.

Running a profitable restaurant, however, is easier said than done. With payment processors now mandating EMV terminals and threatening “chargebacks” to restaurants that don’t install them, you run the risk of having to absorb in excess of $1,000 on a single day!!!! That’s why Pay-at-the-Table is one new technology we’re convinced ALL restaurants should invest in.

Here are 7 reasons that you should be sure your next POS systems includes EMV Pay-at-the-Table:

  • Avoid “ChargeBack” Expense to Restaurants – Restaurants that use wired EMV terminals configured for “Chip & Signature” significantly reduce chargebacks from “friendly fraud,” but the “Chip & PIN” configuration of Pay-at-the-Table devices provides additional protection against chargebacks on stolen or counterfeit cards.
  • Speed Table Turns – Pay-at-the-Table allows restaurants to tender payment and provide a final payment receipt tableside. By eliminating trips the POS system for tendering payments, tables will turn faster, there will be less congestion in the aisles and employee productivity will increase.
  • Improved Customer Service – Pay-at-the-Table devices improve customer satisfaction for patrons in a hurry to pay and ease concerns about identity theft because customers never loose sight of their card. Tech-savvy customers also appreciate the opportunity to pay with digital wallets like Apple Pay.
  • Reduced equipment costs – In some cases, restaurants may not need to purchase an EMV terminal for every POS station but may, instead, share a reduced number of wireless PIN pad terminals among the servers.
  • Improves PCI Compliance – When wireless EMV terminals are used, the sensitive cardholder data never enters the POS environment, which means that POS software and terminals are considered “out of scope” for PCI Compliance.
  • Increase Tip Amounts – By displaying easy to select gratuity suggestions on the Pay-at-the-Table device and eliminating the need for patrons to sum the total payment amount, restaurants can encourage higher tips while streamlining the guest checkout experience.
  • Identify Dissatisfied Patrons Before they Leave – It’s easy to enable an optional one question dining experience survey on the Pay-at-the-Table device. Any negative responses to the survey can be texted to a designated number immediately for management intervention before the patron leaves.

Be sure your next POS system includes EMV Pay-at-the-Table. It will not only boost profitability, but it will make your customers happy.

What is Pay-at-the-Table (PATT)? With PATT, restaurant staff can bring a small, wireless payment terminal directly to the customer to pay a guest check, with all the security and fraud prevention that is provided by EMV/Chip Payment Cards transactions. The payment is processed instantly while the server is tableside, and even works with large parties and split checks.