APG Introduces Innovative SMARTtill® Hybrid Solution at the NACS Show 2018 in Las Vegas

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – APG Cash Drawer, a global manufacturer of cash management solutions is proud to announce its SMARTtill® Hybrid Cash Management Solution which enables integrators to provide for Proof of Concept integration and pilots. The SMARTtill® Hybrid Cash Management Solution provides management functions without requiring a complete integration with a retailer’s front-end POS system. The SMARTtill® Hybrid Solution was selected to be showcased in Las Vegas, in the NACS Show’s Cool New Product preview room, October 7-10, 2018.

This innovative cash management solution allows retailers to leverage transactional cash data collected from the front-end and back office to make quick, cost effective decisions, while reducing cash losses and the cost associated with cashier labor.

The SMARTtill Hybrid Solution is unique for back office integration — it eliminates the need for secondary devices to access management functions within the retail POS front-end software, but provides the same benefits of a standard SMARTtill® Solution.

“Convenience stores in the US process 160 million transactions a day,” stated, Stephen Bergeron, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development of the SMARTtill Solution. “In 2017 cash represented 63% of all convenience store transactions or roughly $350 billion. In addition to a robust POS solution, retailers require an innovative solution to assist in processing cash at the front-end and back office. The SMARTtill® Hybrid Solution is a revolution in cash management, providing electronic cashier accountability and allowing retailers to eradicate cash losses, reduce the man hours required for cash management and improve the customer experience. With the SMARTtill® Hybrid Solution, the communication from the point of sale to back office synchronizes with accuracy – creating better accountability and productivity throughout retail landscapes.”

“Managing cash at the POS can be a time consuming and costly process for any retail environment,” stated John Ragan, Product Manager – SMARTtill® USA. “Adapting our core competencies with technology to leverage and create solutions that are both profitable and innovative to all customers is our priority.

The SMARTtill® Hybrid Solution deploys the capabilities of a fully functional SMARTtill®, while giving retailers the ability to utilize the solution to its maximum potential and scale back where they find appropriate. This technology broadens the scope of how end-users can leverage and adapt its ability to their business model. The SMARTtill® Hybrid Solution benefits retailers of all sizes, regardless of their ecosystem to generate operational efficiency, cost savings and reduction in cash loss.”

Visit us at NACS 2018 in Las Vegas to demo the SMARTtill® Hybrid Solution, booth #3872

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