APG Expands its USB Offerings Releasing an Interface for Quick Serial Emulation and Enhanced mPOS Integration

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – APG Cash Drawer, a fast-growing global manufacturer of cash management solutions, announced today the release of a new USB interface option: the 485 USBProLite™ USB to Serial Emulation Interface. This interface solution extends the company’s family of mobility and software integration tools to enable simple integration into POS applications in retail, hospitality, grocery and convenience.

The 485 USBProLite™ USB to Serial emulation interface brings the benefits of USB (connection, power, etc.) coupled with the ease of POS application integration found in serial connections. Powered by the USB bus, external power is not required providing true plug and play connectivity and making it a cost-effective solution. The 485 USBProLite™ interface eliminates the need for expensive serial ports and provides higher security than typical cash drawer interface technologies.

“We’re excited to release a USB to Serial emulation interface option helping developers reduce POS development time for POS integration,” stated Ron Stephenson, Connectivity Manager at APG. “The USBProLite™ Interface provides software compatibility with RS-232 based legacy POS devices, without extensive integration time and expertise for application developers. Through USB Serial Emulation, the cash drawer is exposed to an operating system as a COM port making it compatible with Windows 10, Android, MacOSX 10.5+ and Linux.”

“Innovative connectivity development is imperative to our business,” stated Bob Stone, VP of Global Product. “APG now offers developers a USB/Serial Emulation with the 485 interface or a full, robust 554A USB interface option, for developers and retailers that wish to manage events and monitor drawer status. We are excited to release this new USB/Serial Emulation interface as we are committed to developing global, cutting edge POS solutions to help our customers today and in the future.”

The 485 USBProLite™ USB to Serial emulation interface is offered for the Series 100, Series 4000, and Vasario cash drawers and is available now through APG’s channel and distribution partners. For more information, please call 763-571-5000 or email us at sales@us.cashdrawer.com

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