APG Cash Drawer Partners with Balance Innovations for Comprehensive Visibility into Cash Handling Data and Back Office Analytics

Minneapolis, MN –  APG Cash Drawer, a fast-growing global manufacturer of cash management solutions, announced today an integration between Balance Innovations’ retail enterprise software platform, VeriBalance, and APG’s SMARTtill® Cash Management Technology. The integration will provide retailers a comprehensive view into their cash handling activity and back-office systems. This information is accessible across all levels of the retailer’s organization.

APG and Balance Innovations will provide a cash management solution that will equip grocers, convenience stores, and retailers with innovative analytic reporting tools to reduce cash handling costs, improve store productivity and reduce cash losses by up to 90%. Balance Innovations’ powerful reporting platform, VeriBalance, will support various retailers while enhancing the SMARTtill® Solution’s data analytics, providing valuable insight into back-office reporting and reconciliation activities – all in real time.

“Our VeriBalance platform delivers productivity and visibility across the entire currency management chain,” stated Aaron McKee, EVP of Sales at Balance Innovations. “Working with APG Cash Drawer is an exciting opportunity, as integration of APG’s SMARTtill® Solution and our VeriBalance software platform gives retailers from all verticals the comprehensive, real-time analytics they need to make better, faster decisions. This will reduce costs and empower associates to engage customers for a better shopping experience overall.”

“We are excited to work with Balance Innovations and for the opportunity the VeriBalance software integration provides customers when added to our intelligent cash management technology,” stated Stephen Bergeron, V.P. of Global Marketing at APG. “Retailers are burdened with the costs associated with accepting cash and this integrated solution will provide the store data necessary to achieve operational efficiency, reduce cash loss and supply cash visibility at the POS across the entire retail enterprise. Retail managers can use real-time data alerts to make immediate decisions to improve a store’s performance while mobile alerts and integrated CCTV or back-office systems quickly identify cashier discrepancies or cashier training opportunities. In addition to the data analytics, this alliance will provide value across the retail organizational spectrum from operations, loss prevention and treasury,” stated Bergeron.

About APG Cash Drawer
Retail payments are changing, yet there is still $1.5 trillion in cash in circulation. In fact, cash represents between 30 to 45% of all global transactions. APG has been designing and delivering cash management solutions with a variety of size, color, interface, and integration options for over 39 years. Whether you need a custom design, general application cash drawer or a product for a mobile shopping experience, APG has a solution. With our durable and dependable products installed, an APG cash drawer will provide years of smooth, trouble free service with virtually no downtime, no preventative maintenance, and no headaches. To learn more about our products, visit http://www.cashdrawer.com/ or call 763-571-5000. Follow us on Twitter at @apgcashdrawer and on Facebook.

About Balance Innovations
Balance Innovations offers the only retail software platform that connects systems and devices to provide analytics and actionable data about the entire organization, helping retailers make nimble decisions with real-time visibility of store activity. For more information, visit balanceinnovations.com or follow the company on Twitter at @BalanceInnov.