APG Cash Drawer Announces New Partner for Global Distribution Strategy

Global Cash Management Solution Manufacturer Strengthens Response Time with Innovative Delivery Technology

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – APG Cash Drawer, a fast-growing global manufacturer of cash management solutions, announced today a partnership with the Air Parcel Group for a new distribution model to quickly serve customers in need of cash drawer solutions within the retail, grocery, quick serve and hospitality sectors.

The new delivery technology is designed to safely get packages to customers in 20 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles within the US and EMEA from APG distribution locations. “Research shows that a cash drawer is often the last component thought of when retailers are installing a new point of sale system, stated Stephen Bergeron, V.P. of Global Marketing. “We often get calls from customers who intend to open a new store and need a solution within a few hours. In the age of Amazon Fresh and Uber, consumers demand service as soon as they can get it. This partnership provides a delivery model that will serve as a catalyst to facilitate the experience our customers expect.

To cut down on drayage costs and our environmental footprint, the Air Parcel Group aerial technology will eliminate air pollution in association with the normal means of transportation of product. “We’ve taken the necessary persuasions and worked in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration and assume compliance and authorization with all Class B through G airspace standards. Currently the technology can only transport one 25 lb. cash drawer at a time, but we foresee this weight restriction changing in the future, stated Bergeron.

“We’ve identified a market need to service customers in locations where typical transportation methods are unavailable, said Breanna Brown, Creative Marketing Ambassador at APG. “This partnership is a natural progression towards our aim to deliver product quickly to the marketplace. We have a lot of remote customers and we’re now able to service customers quickly who are limited by lack of roadways or standard post. Islands, desert, mountain tops, glacial, and volcanic business inhabitants all stand to benefit from this service.

The new partnership will officially go in to effect on 4-1-2017. Customers who wish to sign to sign up for this service, please email aprilfools@us.cashdrawer.com

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