Addmi’s New Restaurant POS Provides Better Revenue to Resellers

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Addmi provides their powerful new restaurant POS software for free to merchants, including all the features required to run a successful restaurant, all at no additional cost. Addmi does this by adding a minimal service fee, measured in pennies, to every transaction which is paid for by the end customer. There is now a completely improved additional revenue opportunity available where Addmi pays Resellers a percentage of the transaction service fee. Depending on how many accounts a Reseller manages and how many transactions those businesses process, Resellers can make between 15 – 30% of this fee. When resellers keep 100% of any payment processing profits, those numbers can add up fast!

The Unique Addmi Business Model Benefits Both Merchants and Resellers
Addmi is an all-in-one point of sale for full-service and quick-service restaurants with a unique business model that earns more for Resellers while having no software fees for merchants. Resellers can also earn 4-8 times the revenue than they would make from a typical Saas POS model.

 Features provided by Addmi POS at no additional cost:

  • Online store
  • Self-serve QR ordering
  • Loyalty program
  • eGift cards
  • Email marketing
  • KDS
  • Unlimited POS terminals

For more information, contact Ben Harrison at Also, visit www.