Addmi’s Innovative POS System Streamlines Food Hall with Unified Gift Card Experience

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – In a strategic move to optimize guest experience, the Sawmill Market food hall in Albuquerque has recently integrated Addmi’s advanced point of sale system. This transition reflects the venue’s commitment to offering an enhanced, seamless experience for both merchants and customers.

One standout feature of this collaboration is the introduction of a universal gift card system at the food hall, provided by Addmi’s new partner Card Market. Guests visiting Sawmill Market can now use a single gift card across various vendors. This flexibility not only amplifies the convenience for customers but also paves the way for merchants to benefit from heightened footfall and sales.

Highlights and Benefits:

  •  Universal Gift Card Application: The gift card program introduced by Addmi allows patrons to effortlessly shop across different vendors using a single gift card, ensuring a unified and enriching shopping experience.
  •  Efficient Omni-Channel Reporting: Merchants and venue managers can glean insights from consolidated financial data, making accounting processes faster and more insightful.
  •  Enhanced Customer Experience: As noted by Trevor Randall, GM at Sawmill Market, “With Addmi’s integrated system, we can focus on our primary objective: offering an unmatched experience for our guests.”
  • Affordability Meets Functionality: The cost-effective nature of Addmi’s free pricing model ensures all vendors can seamlessly integrate into the system, reinforcing a consistent and unified guest journey.
  •  Operational Excellence: Beyond gift card management, Addmi’s unified platform addresses all aspects of the ordering process, making every transaction smooth and efficient.

About Addmi
Addmi, headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, is a leading provider of point of sale systems, specializing in solutions for restaurants and food halls. Their innovative approach combines essential services like point of sale, online ordering, and a universal gift card system into one cohesive platform. Their mission is to streamline operations, foster growth for merchants, and elevate the overall guest experience. Learn more at

About Card Market
Card Market, located in Nolensville, Tennessee, is an expert in gift card printing and fulfillment. Working closely with a range of businesses, from restaurants to retailers, alongside POS companies and resellers, Card Market is dedicated to simplifying the gift card journey from its design phase to its eventual delivery. Dive deeper at