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For over 30 years, Washburn has been the trusted source for point-of-sale (POS) equipment needs. We provide equipment repairs, refurbished equipment sales, staging, and distribution. As dedicated problem solvers, we recognize the critical importance of keeping POS equipment running smoothly. Combining our in-depth knowledge of the hardware used in the grocery, retail, and hospitality environments with our team of skilled technicians and advanced repair facilities, Washburn delivers comprehensive solutions to meet any need.

From extending the lifespan of your equipment to ensuring seamless system rollouts, Washburn’s extensive inventory and technical “know how” allow us to proudly say, “We Can Fix Everything!”

Contact Washburn today and let our team solve your POS problems. 🛒💻🔧

POS Hardware Service and Repair

POS Hardware Service, Repair, Refurbishing, Replacement, and Swaps


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Jarrod Newman

Director, Business Development


(214) 502-0472

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