Infinicept is a FinTech company that provides embedded payment solutions. Its PayOps software-as-a-service (Saas) platform offers underwriting, onboarding, and merchant management solutions to software providers, payment companies, and financial institutions, that allow them to scale their payments operations and have total ownership of their payments strategy. By embedding payments into their products, Infinicept enables customers to exponentially amplify growth and increase revenue by tapping into the $585 billion embedded finance marketplace. More than 300 leading software companies, payment processors, sponsor banks, and others rely on Infinicept to help them transform to the new era of software-led payments.

PayOps Platform

Our PayOps™ (payment operations) platform acts as your infrastructure so you can monetize your payments and deliver an improved product to customers. Its Onboarding & Underwriting and Merchant Management tools allow software providers to scale their payments operations and have total ownership.


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