Chelsey Paulson

Past Chair (2019-2020)

Chelsey joined Keystone Group Int’l because she realized that she could live out her passions and her strengths in a way that she didn’t know was possible. Before joining Keystone, Chelsey had 15 years of experience in Human Resources at North Country Business Products.  Chelsey built her career around being a strategic partner to the NCBP executive team, molding and growing the culture and focusing on strategic people initiatives that aligned with the organizations business initiatives such as: internal communications, career and leadership development, succession planning, and aligning the right people in the right seats with in the optimal organizational structure.     Chelsey saw the significant impact at NCBP when she helped implement EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and knew she wanted to help other businesses see those same results. Keystone was a strategic choice as Keystone is not only focused on EOS/business strategy, but also a strong focus on the culture and people strategy as well. Chelsey has been involved on the RSPA Board since 2014 and had the opportunity to be the Chair of the Board for the 2019-2020 term. Chelsey has thoroughly enjoyed her engagements with the various RSPA Committees, speaking at RetailNOW and recording webinars for the RSPA members.