SEUIC is an established 20 year Corporation and has 40% of the total RFID market in China. SEUIC has over 700 employees, sales in 40+ countries and 3mm devices in use. Manufacturing and assemblies are conducted in house and SEUIC has over 300 employees dedicated to manufacturing. SEUIC uses a CRM tool for the entire lifecycle, from company interest, quoting, building and shipping. Because of everything completed in house by SEUIC employees, devices can be delivered within 45 days. SEUIC continues to introduce new products and currently has over 200 employees dedicated to R&D. SEUIC has also developed an internal team to support Overseas Sales and recently setup a North American entity in 2022.


Typical Application scenarios include Retail e-commerce, Manufacturing, and Field Mobility, CRUISE2 runs Qualcomm 662 platform octa core 2.0GHz processor, the screen is upgraded to a 5.5-inch full screen. 5000mAh/6000mAh(optional), gives up to 14 hours of continuous battery use.

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