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Omnivore connects restaurant POS systems with new technologies including reservations, delivery, loyalty, payment and analytics. Learn More

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Microspace Communications Corporation

Microspace Communications Corporation is a pioneer in innovative broadband solutions for established and emerging enterprise applications.  Learn More



METTLER TOLEDO is one of the world’s largest scale companies providing weighing/measurement devices for industrial, lab and retail businesses.  Learn More


Nile Solutions Group, Inc.

NSG was started by a field service technician who became skilled at his trade. He saw an opportunity to give his customers a “personal experience,” while providing quality and efficiency.  Learn More


Spencer Technologies

Spencer Technologies has established themselves within the encryption/key injection and procurement business by offering.  Learn More


TCPOS is a global solutions provider for hospitality and retail businesses. In North America, we market. Learn More

Total Systems Integration

TSI is a managed services provider that offers a single point of contact for all store-facing technologies. Learn More


4Court Solutions LTD

Founded in 2006, we are (currently) a UK-based supplier of IT of IT peripherals and hardware so. Learn More


Clientron was founded in 1983. The company is dedicated to providing global intelligent solutions. Learn More

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