‘A’ POS - itive Start to The Year of the Dragon



Shenzhen, China – Sinocan International Technologies Co., Ltd., a leading POS touch terminal manufacturer.

Sinocan employee’s recently donated blood to mark the end of China’s New Year celebrations, and commence The Lantern Festival.

The festival takes place on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the New Year.

During Lantern Festival, glowing lanterns are released into the sky during the evening to highlight the true beauty of the first full moon of the New Year.

Traditionally each year Sinocan employees’ gather together at the Nanshan OCT Hong Square to donate blood. Sinocan strongly believes in community involvement, and supports their local blood donation clinics by participating annually.

“The Shenzhen community has been very supportive of our business from the beginning. Whether it’s donating blood or sponsoring a local sports team, Sinocan makes it a priority to get involved consistently throughout the year.” said Johnny Jiang, Director of Overseas Marketing & Sales.

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About Sinocan

Sinocan is a leading global manufacturer of Touch Screen Monitor, Point-of-Sale Terminal, Tablet POS, Printer, Mobile POS, Digital Signage, and Kiosk. As a genuine OEM/ODM manufacturer, Sinocan is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge reliable POS products, services, and solutions at an attractive price, while ensuring prompt shipments to clients. With branches in Hong Kong, Spain, Germany, and USA our award winning products have enabled our clients to enjoy Sinocan’s rapid growth and development. All of our products are designed to be intellectually vibrant and environmentally friendly, connecting our customers to the future today. For more information about Sinocan contact a representative at info@sinocan.com.cn or visit www.sinocan.com.cn.

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