Newcomer I Love Velvet's Mobile Payment System Merges Into MICROS at Nespresso Café in SoHo and Starts Restaurant Rollout

Innovative Mobile System Software Integrates with Largest POS Software Company in the Food and Beverage Industry


New York, NY – I Love Velvet's first entry into the US hospitality industry took place this week as the mobile solutions company installed a customized mobile restaurant software that encompasses both point-of-sale payment and placing orders at the Nespresso Café in SoHo, New York. As Nespresso rolls out the I Love Velvet system in its cafes in the US, I Love Velvet now has a mobile payment solution that can be "plug & play" with an existing Micros RES solution. Using its own proprietary application and hardware, which includes an Apple-certified micro chip, I Love Velvet is now a true "mobility extension" of the Micros system.

"This partnership is the most advanced to date for I Love Velvet, in terms of technology. We are now partners with Micros, the most widely-used restaurant point of sale software for front and back office operations in the food and beverage industry. More than 94% of all RES operations, from single restaurants to chains, are using a Micros system of some kind," explained Patrick Bouaziz, Chief Visionary Office and co-founder of I Love Velvet. "For I Love Velvet, considered a new comer in the hospitality industry, this is a radical and strategic entry into the hospitality's mainstream sales and ordering system that revolutionizes the relationship between the service staff and the guest by enabling a fuller flexibility for all. When mobility reaches this level of integration, we define it as magic because it changes the whole concept of the guest experience," added Bouaziz.

The challenge for I Love Velvet was to create a user-friendly program that offers the highest level of security for payment options (PIN debit entry) and the fastest turnaround time for completion of the payment cycle via a fully encrypted process. In addition, the system gives the wait staff the tools to be more knowledgeable about the menu and be more engaging with guests. Three steps were necessary to create the implementation: comprehension of the project; installation and set up; test cycle.

I Love Velvet's hardware and software can be customized and rolled out with a customer within two days. The system supports the following key points:

  • Streamline operations for new customer experience.
  • Enhanced relationship between the waiter and guests (better presentation, details of the menu).
  • Optimized kitchen preparation (paperless process, better communication).
  • Loyalty program for repeat customers.
  • Payment card security for the cardholder. 

About I Love Velvet

I Love Velvet is the third largest mobile payment software and hardware provider in the global marketplace, behind Ingenico and Verifone. To learn more about I Love Velvet please visit:

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